Coda File System

Re: Newbie question about clone

From: Jeremy Kuo <>
Date: Wed, 28 May 2003 18:44:13 +0800 (CST)
  Hi Ivan,

>           on the server
> [restart of the server if nothing else helps, indicating update* problem]
> and
> cfs checkvolumes     on the client
> should do the trick.

   I have done these, but it doesn't work.

   I read the backup topic trying to find some hint.
   It seems backup and clone are similar(maybe not?).
   So I backup the volume, coda.vol1, by "volutil backup".
   The backup volume coda.vol1.0.backup is created and can be mounted.

   Here is the excerpt from "volutil getvolumelist" 

   Wcoda.vol1.0 I1000002 H1 P/vicepa m0 M0 U5 W1000002 C3ed4581d D3ed4581d B3ed4581d A0
   Rcoda.vol1.clone1 I1000003 H1 P/vicepa m0 M0 U3 W1000002 C3ed45875 D3ed45875 B0A0
   Bcoda.vol1.0.backup I1000006 H1 P/vicepa m0 M0 U4 W1000002 C3ed486f2 D3ed486f2 B0 A0

   Can you tell me what's the different between backup and clone?
   And is it true that readonly volume can't(or should not) be mounted?

   Thanks and regards,

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