Coda File System

Re: Newbie question about clone

From: Jeremy Kuo <>
Date: Wed, 28 May 2003 14:42:28 +0800 (CST)
Hi Jan,

    Thanks for your reply.

> Hmm, that shouldn't be possible. The 'logical' replicated volume
> coda.volrep1 should have 2 underlying replicas on the servers named
> coda.volrep1.0 and coda.volrep1.1. You should not be able to clone the
> replicated volume as it doesn't exist on the servers.

    I use "volutil info coda.volrep1" to get the id on SCM and it is "1000004"
    So I use "volutil clone 1000004 -n coda.volrep1.colne1" to clone it.
    I think this means that I take a clone for coda.volrep1.0 on SCM.

> Venus doesn't use the equivalent of volutil getvolumelist. Venus
> actually uses a special GetVolumeInfo rpc2 call which is looked up in
> the VRDB and VLDB files. In this case the information should be in the
> VLDB file is constructed by which actually got the required
> information from the output of volutil getvolumelist.
> So in a way, if the volutil command has the right information the VLDB
> should have the correct data and the remaining problem is that the new
> data hasn't been re-read by the servers. That is typically an indication
> that the updateclnt and/or updatesrv daemons on the servers are not
> running. The update client daemon check the server for a new version of
> the file fetches it (check timestamps on both servers) and signals the
> server to re-read the VRDB and VLDB files (check SrvLog which should say
> 'New Databases have arrived' or something similar)

    To simplify the problem, I tried to use 1 server and 1 client.
    I think the VRDB/VLDB sync problem can be ignored in this case.

    1. SCM:    Create a volume using "createvol_rep coda.vol1 E0000100 /vicepa".
    2. client: "cfs mkmount /coda/vol1 coda.vol1" and edit files in /coda/vol1.
    3. SCM:    "volutil info coda.vol1" to get id=1000002
               Take a clone by "volutil 1000002 -n coda.vol1.clone1"
    4. client: "cfs mkmount /coda/vol1/clone1 coda.vol1.clone1" still make a 
               dangling link....

    I have check that "auth2", "updatesrv", "updateclnt -h coda1" are running.


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