Coda File System

Re: venus randomly dies

From: Steve Simitzis <>
Date: Thu, 1 May 2003 13:32:33 -0700
On 05/01/03, Jan Harkes <> wrote: 

> Simply increasing the number of worker threads is not a cure all. The
> system becomes unbalanced.
> There is a limit of nine RPC2 connections per user. So now you have 100
> threads trying to gain access to 9 RPC2 connections. So most of them
> will end up waiting to get access to the network, and there is a good
> chance that some threads will be starved. I'm not sure the wakeup
> mechanism is fair, it probably just wakes up everyone and the first one
> who is scheduled in grabs the connection. All other threads go back to

interesting. does it make sense to tune or increase the number of rpc2
connections per user? in my configuration, i have one user (the web
server) that creates the lion share of the connections. unless i'm
doing maintenance to the site, that users is the only user talking
to the coda server.


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