Coda File System

Re: How To about coda

From: Lionix <>
Date: Mon, 14 Apr 2003 21:20:10 +0200
> dear all
> I am new in using coda, right now I want to ask some question abaut coda.
>> How can I protect my file that my create in coda file server from 
>> modification other user in coda file server. If I correct coda ACL 
>> just arrange user,s access. 
You said it ! With the ACL....
Set the ACL to protect volumes / directory you don't want other users to 
$> man cfs
Change configuration / clog with different profiles / test...

>> How big files's size can coda handle ?
Do you know google ????  => big + files + coda
or directly search in the coda-archive mailing list....   :o)

>> How can I configure coda replica server,I has tried follow manual 
>> from your site, but the result always error? 
$> man createvol_rep

and use :

while ( ! coda-ok )
        practice_coda ( );
        read ( docs );
        practice_coda ( );
        browse ( internet );

Always the same shema....
Always the same job... ( sigh )

>> What kinds of security can running on coda, which is simpliest 
>> security and how to configure it ?
Security are set with the ACL....
Simplest security : set the ACL to an "equivalent" of chmod 777 ......  
Do you really want that ????
( give rlwidka to coda/system AnyUser )

Excuse me if I was a little bit severe....
I'm a little bit tired, exhausted....
In fact I recently start to deal with coda too.... Some weeks ago at 
home..... And I've understood it take a long time to grant the status 
of  Coda Administrator because it's not so easy as seting up a Web 
server for example, and hundreds kilometers far from seting a NFS 
server....Requires a lot of work....

Don't desperate... hang on, work.... and you will overcome !
( Unix style citation )   :o)

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