Coda File System

Re: Beginner having trouble using coda, two actually

From: Jan Harkes <>
Date: Sun, 13 Apr 2003 23:51:37 -0400
On Thu, Apr 10, 2003 at 10:41:02PM -0400, Omen Wild wrote:
> 22:52:15 fatal error -- SigInit: setpgid failed (1)
> If I run venus by hand, then it runs just fine.  I found a Debian bug
> entry which describes what is going on:

Yeah, the fix is already committed to CVS.

> The second problem is much more fun.  :-)

A client connects to a 'rootserver' only to ask for volume location
information. The server sends back the ip-address of the server to
connect to. This ip-address is resolved on the server when the volume is
created, actually the resolve happens during server startup, but it is
stored in the VLDB during volume creation.

The server simply takes the names from /vice/db/servers and does a
gethostbyname and uses the first ipv4 address in the result. So your
server probably resolves it's own name to either, or to an
address that is unroutable from outside the private network.

> 22:47:24 Getting Root Volume information...
> 22:47:24 Venus starting...
> 22:47:24 /coda now mounted.
> 22:48:04 fuzzy nak'ed

Hmm, you are actually getting a connection.

> NewConnectFS fuzzy ( 22:47:44 )
> BackProbe ( 22:47:44 )
> ValidateAttrs (0x7f000000.0x1.0x1) [0] ( 22:47:44 )
> Fetch (0x7f000000.0x1.0x1) [2] ( 22:47:44 )
> progress::fetching () 0x ( 22:47:44 )

But it's the SFTP server->client traffic that can't get through. Perhaps
you simply need to set 'masquerade=1' in /etc/coda/venus.conf?

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