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Re: emacs and coda on NetBSD/1.6

From: Stephen J. Turnbull <>
Date: Thu, 13 Feb 2003 15:33:47 +0900
>>>>> "Brett" == Brett Lymn <> writes:

    Brett> I think it is.  If you disable the use of SIGIO when you
    Brett> build emacs then you may find things more stable, Just
    Brett> #undef SIGIO in one of the headers (syssignal.h I think).
    Brett> This has worked for me for a long while.  I did log this as
    Brett> a bug with the emacs people but they were at a loss as to
    Brett> what was going wrong.  From the digging I did it appears
    Brett> that emacs gets into a loop where it is expecting to get a
    Brett> SIGIO but the signal is never delivered - if you kill -IO
    Brett> the emacs process then it will probably wake up and
    Brett> continue on.

This is pure magic to me, but XEmacs #defines BROKEN_SIGIO on some
platforms, and avoids it altogether on others.  You might want to look
into differences between GNU Emacs and XEmacs in that code.

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