Coda File System

NetBSD 1.6 hanging on venus startup

From: Greg Troxel <>
Date: Mon, 30 Dec 2002 14:46:58 -0500
A long time ago I and others reported that venus hangs on startup on
NetBSD 1.6 (i386; not sure about others).

I have traced this to the mount() call in venus/; the system
call appears to be hanging, with a wchan of 'coda_cal' according to
ps.  Typing ^C interrupts the wait, and apparently allows the system
call to finish properly.

But, I can't see any tsleep calls in coda_mount.  I wonder if it is
really in coda_call, but that doesn't make sense to me.

So, I am guessing that there is a missing wakeup(), or tsleep on the
wrong address, but when it does get awakened from the interrupt,
whatever condition that had caused it to wait is no longer present, so
it returns.
Received on 2002-12-30 14:48:29