Coda File System

Suggestions for adminstration scripts

From: jochen <>
Date: Wed, 18 Dec 2002 10:46:00 +0100

after realizing that my problem with coda was related to the server not
being bound to the correct interface, I reinstalled the server, now
bound to te correct interface. However, I had a few problems I thought
you could be interested in:

  * If the whole architecture does so much rely on the exact IP, the
    processes should bind only the interface they where assigned. At the
    moment, all Coda server processes bind instead of their
    specific interface. If you want to bind but also have to
    rely on the exact IP being used, you have to bind every interface
    (like ISC BIND nameserver does for example)

  * all scripts (startup scripts and especially those for
    creating/managing volumes) should always use `cat
    ${vicedir}/hostname` instead of `hostname`, they also should always
    use ${vicedir} instead of /vice. This is badly mixed even inside

  * the scripts should always pass the hostname option to other
    scripts/binaries. For example createvol_rep nearly always passes
    this option to volutil but in one place ... and fails exactly there

  * the coda-client script in your debian package doesn't work. For some
    reason unknown to me, venus dies immeadially after printing it's
    version number when invoked with this script.

  * cfs mkmount works but it segfaults and locks the whole system. After
    rebooting, the mountpoint exists and everything is fine

  * in vice-setup you should be asked to which hostname/ip the server
    should be bound to

That's it :) I hope those observations are usefull to you

-- jochen
Received on 2002-12-18 04:50:10