Coda File System

Hoard: Permission denied

From: jochen <>
Date: Wed, 18 Dec 2002 10:35:54 +0100

after some hacking & patching (see 2nd mail) I got my coda server/client
up and running. Now I've created a coda user, gave him a volume and
started to move files there. To ensure some files are always present, I
wanted to "hoard" them like described in the docs.

However, hoard always reports "Permission denied":

coffee_at_notebook coffee $ clog
username: coffee
coffee_at_notebook coffee $ ctokens 

Token held by the Cache Manager:

Local uid: 1000
Coda user id: 1000
Expiration time: Thu Dec 19 11:34:46 2002

coffee_at_notebook coffee $ hoard clear
pioctl:Clear(-1, 1000): Permission denied
coffee_at_notebook coffee $ pwd

What am I doing wrong?

-- jochen
Received on 2002-12-18 04:40:47