Coda File System


From: Ramy M. Hassan <>
Date: Wed, 04 Dec 2002 14:45:02 -0500
My company bought new hardware for our mailserver, and I am now in 
charge of moving data from the old server to the new one. That data I 
want to move is about 200GB in a RAID-5 array , that's our clients 
emails in Maildir format. That's millions of small files that are 
continuosly changing as emails are delivered or users moving or deleting 
old emails.
To copy those 200GB offline , it would take several days. Apparently we 
can not stop email service for all that time. So I have to find a way to 
migrate data while keeping the service running.
I thought of setting up a mirror between old system and new one till 
data is 100% in sync then throw the old system away and the new one can 
take over, but I couldn't find a way to do that. I tryed rsync but 
without success. It crashed while building the files list.
While searching I found coda. I thought that it might help me but I am 
not sure of that. I don't know its limitations. My questions are , can 
coda really help in my case ? does it support such big volume size and 
huge nuber of files ? If not i will appreciate if anybody can point me 
to the right direction.

Best Regards
Received on 2002-12-04 16:49:28