Coda File System

Adventures in db-land

From: Stephen J. Turnbull <>
Date: Fri, 29 Nov 2002 10:04:39 -0500
Due to some screwing around which is in the category of "Kids, don't
try this at home ... in fact, don't try this under the supervision of
a professional with an ambulance on call", I managed to trash my V*DBs
_and_ the text files (volutil really ought to make backups...).

I was able to recover what matters from the server, and after repeated
cycles of volutil makev*db; volutil updatedb I'm running again.

Moral: keep fresh backups of /vice/db/VRList and /vice/vol/BigVolumeList.

Weirdness: "volutil lookup coda:root.0 /tmp/info" puts the expected
info in the file, "volutil lookup 100001 /tmp/info" does not, although
both name and hex ID work for all the other volumes I've tried.

Question: /vice/srv/SrvLog has the following in it.  Is this a
problem?  What can I do to clean out the logs?  I should note that
this is one of the two volumes that causes the most conflicts for me.

23:30:16 Entering DCC(0x1000005)
23:30:17 DCC: Salvaging Logs for volume 0x1000005

23:30:17 recov_vol_log::SalvageLog: bitmaps are not equal

23:30:17 Log rec at index 335 is unreachable

    **Server: 0x829e626d StoreId: 0x38fcb8a8.2de0 
    Opcode: Mkdir 
    index is 335, sequence number 59242, var length is 17
    . [0x2711.1080e] owner 1000
    ** End of Record **

23:30:17 Log rec at index 343 is unreachable

    **Server: 0x829e626d StoreId: 0x38fcb8a8.2de1 
    Opcode: Create 
    index is 343, sequence number 59243, var length is 20
    Root [0x2b102.1085e] owner 0
    ** End of Record **

[several dozen similar records elided, details on request]

23:30:17 Log rec at index 607 is unreachable

    **Server: 0x829e626d StoreId: 0x38fcb8a8.2e36 
    Opcode: Remove 
    index is 607, sequence number 59293, var length is 66
    Repository [0x2b112.1085f][0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 (38fcb8a8.2e36)(0x0)]
    ** End of Record **

23:30:17 done:  8935 files/dirs,        136448 blocks
23:30:17 Entering DCC(0x1000006)
23:30:17 DCC: Salvaging Logs for volume 0x1000006

[and things seem to be proceeding normally.]

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