Coda File System

Re: Adding users, creating volumes

From: Casey Helfrich <>
Date: Wed, 13 Nov 2002 08:36:19 -0500 (EST)
Hello Auke, for a document explaining a general setup of a Coda Server
from scratch, you can check:

It is a document I have been working on that explains exactly that.  It is
still a draft, but it might help you out.  Good luck.

Casey Helfrich
Intel Research Pittsburgh

On Wed, 13 Nov 2002, Auke Jilderda wrote:

> Ok, I'm progressing but not quite as quickly as I had hoped for.  The
> howto [1] is a big help but I would definately value a bit more detailed
> description of typical use (e.g., typical setup of the server with
> creating the root volume, setting up volumes for a few users and
> projects) to help newbies up to speed.
> I now have a server and client up & running and created a volume with
> 	createvol_rep u.jilderda E0000100 /vicepa
> Next, I ran pdbtool to create the user "jilderda" that belongs to the
> group "users".  Now I would like to set the password for this user but
> ran into the following:
> 	pc6607:~# au nu
> 	Your Vice name: admin
> 	Your password:
> 	Failed to find root- or authservers in venus.conf
> 	RPC2_Bind() --> RPC2_SUCCESS
> 	Vice user: jilderda
> 	New password: changeme
> 	New info:
> 	AuthNameToId() --> RPC2_NOCONNECTION (F)
> 	pc6607:~#
> (Ofcourse "changeme" is a bogus password. :-))  Any suggestion what the
> problem is?
> For the time being, I tried logging in under the admin account (created
> at installation) and mounting the volume using:
> 	cfs mkmount /coda/jilderda u.jilderda
> Trying to mount it under /coda/usr/jilderda didn't work because it
> apparently doesn't create directories recursively.
> Copying data onto the /coda/jilderda volume generates the following
> message in the /vice/srv/SrvLog:
> 	11:01:38 Caution, replicated volume 0x1000004, resolution is
> 	   turned off.
> What is meant with "resolution"?
> Kind regards,
> Auke
>  1.
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