Coda File System

Re: Public/Private Key Auth

From: Ivan Popov <>
Date: Mon, 28 Oct 2002 15:50:06 +0100 (MET)
Hello Mark,

> I am trying to add public/private key authentication to Coda (Grid Security
> Infrastructure -, much the same way that kerberos
> support was added. I am quite unfamiliar with the source code and thought

a nice idea!

> it might be a good idea to ask where would be the best place to start reading
> the source - I was thinking of looking at the kerberos support? (Maybe the
> kerberos author would be able to give me a few pointers?)

I am not the author, but I think I could help.

I suppose you look at a recent code tree:

coda-src/auth2/auth2.c is the server side of the authentication,
coda-src/auth2/auser.c is the client side routines
 clog.c is the client application that may use an external service to
establish Coda tokens

The kerberos interface implementation resides in krb5.c and krb4.c

krbsupport.c is the old code, currently not used.

> Any help, thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated,

Hope it helps,
good luck!
Received on 2002-10-28 09:51:52