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Re: coda development environment for win32

From: Phil Nelson <>
Date: Wed, 16 Oct 2002 13:22:42 -0700 (PDT)
> I was thinking since the coda client
>(file system interface) was available on native win32, it should be possible
>to write venus like service (venus-coda RPC) to access the coda file system
>thru win32 api call.  I meant since Venus is talking to coda thru /dev/cfs0
>interface on Unix/linux, won't a similar interface available on win32 when
>the client get ported to win32?   In essence, I'm looking for something like
>win32/coda.h and a win32/coda_win32.h files.  

Win32 programs do not need to know that their files are on a coda file
system.  They use the normal win32 system calls to access files.  Those
requests are then sent to the Coda kernel module.  (The kernel module
is a loadable file system driver and it is not a cygwin application.)

This kernel module then "talks" to venus via a file called \device\coda.
This file is in the kernel name space and is not directly visible to
normal userland programs that are looking at the drive mappings.

This kernel module has not had any source code released for it yet.  It
depends on a File System Development Kit offered by OSR.  (
Soon there will be a "FSDK-lite" that will be available from OSR for
Coda development that will allow us to release the source code for
the kernel moduel and allow others to build the kernel module.  

Thus, there is no need for a win32/coda.h because programs don't need
to know about coda to use coda.


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