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RE: coda development environment for win32

From: HUANG,PETER (HP-Cupertino,ex1) <>
Date: Wed, 16 Oct 2002 14:33:16 -0400
	thanks for the quick reply.  I don't think I asked the right
questions, so bear with me as I try again.
as far as I know, the full "coda" has three main parts, vice, venus and coda
client (file system).  I know it does not make sense to change POSIX based
vice/venus portion to native win32.  I was thinking since the coda client
(file system interface) was available on native win32, it should be possible
to write venus like service (venus-coda RPC) to access the coda file system
thru win32 api call.  I meant since Venus is talking to coda thru /dev/cfs0
interface on Unix/linux, won't a similar interface available on win32 when
the client get ported to win32?   In essence, I'm looking for something like
win32/coda.h and a win32/coda_win32.h files.  


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> On Wed, Oct 16, 2002 at 09:44:52AM -0700, HUANG,PETER 
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> > Is there a released coda development environment for win32? 
>  I see the
> > cygwin ported of coda, but I like to run coda in the native 
> environment (a
> > native venus verus cygwin venus).  I assume during the file system
> > development, there must exist a development environment.  
> Any tips are
> > greatly appreciated.
> Not possible because Coda uses the POSIX interfaces, or as 
> closely as we
> can get it. For native Win32 you'd need to either wrap Win32 
> calls into
> equivalent POSIX system calls, which is exactly what cygwin is doing.
> Or completely rewrite Coda to use the Win32 API, which is unusable on
> all the other platforms that Coda supports and where main development
> takes place, so the native Windows port would have a hard time keeping
> track of changes and fixes in the main tree and be continuously
> outdated.
> Jan
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