Coda File System

RE: updatesrv not starting

From: Jan Bruvoll <>
Date: 03 Jul 2002 16:00:49 +0100
On Wed, 2002-07-03 at 15:25, Mathieu Masseboeuf - wrote:
> Just wondering, what did you dropped Coda in favor of ?

Well, so far - nothing. I have had a look at Intermezzo, but I was
unable to even compile their package on Gentoo (my current favourite
Linux distro :-) ). Their Lustre project also looks promising, but far
away. Which, I guess, only leaves GFS. I tried building OpenGFS a while
ago, without any particular degree of success. License payup time, I
guess. :-\

On the sideline:
I'm just a bit sad that the design choices made for Coda as far as I see
it makes it unusable in a real-world environment where standard PCs are
shipped out with 40-50Gb disk space. Would it be completely impossible
to chuck out the current mmap-ing model and do something less resource
intensive instead? (I'm sorry not to have any proper alternatives, I
don't know enough about this.)

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