Coda File System

Re: Do I need hacked fsck?

From: Jim Carter <>
Date: Mon, 13 May 2002 21:43:44 -0700 (PDT)
On Sun, 12 May 2002, Jan Harkes wrote:
> On Sun, May 12, 2002 at 04:20:20PM -0700, Jim Carter wrote:
> > But in the manual section on setting up the server I found a
> > showstopper:  ...
> > and fsck for the respective filesystem formats has to be modified to
> > ignore that (only for the Coda filesystems), and the modified fsck is
> > not provided.
> What? Where did you get this from?

the file manual-5.html, section 5.4 "File System Consistency".

This morning I went forward to configure and execute my Coda server, and I
discovered that fsck had no complaints about the data residence filesystem
(if dismounted).

Since I noticed in the mail archives that the docs were being revised, I
probably should have asked before snapping, but I was feeling a bit

> > nothing seems to break.  This isn't the module mentioned as being
> > changed for 5.3.19 for better devfs support, which I couldn't find.
> It's the userspace side of devfs support that was being worked on, venus
> now automatically tries several possible paths to check for the kernel
> module /dev/cfs0, /dev/coda/0, etc.

Perusing log files more carefully, I spotted the module version number:
5.3.15. Venus doesn't manage to trigger loading of the module. For the
moment my startup script just does "modprobe coda" before starting Venus,
but eventually I need to add to /etc/modules.conf:
    alias /dev/coda coda
(in addition to alias char-major-67 coda) which a standardly configured
devfsd will throw at modprobe at the appropriate moment.

> > I assume that illegal warez deposited by script kiddies with the Coda
> > Windows client are purged promptly.  Here's an idea, when quotas are
> Ehh, if script kiddies actually manage to get the Windows 95 client
> working reliably without getting a BSOD all the time, I'd like to know
> how they do that. Granted, the Windows NT/2000 client is probably a lot
> more stable by now.

At UCLA-Mathnet our incoming (world writeable) FTP area got used as a warez
distribution center, so I'm sensitive to the issue.  We stomped them, you
can be sure, while preserving the writeability of the directory.

I have another question: I'm trying to create the nonreplicated repair
volumes mentioned in Admin Manual sect. 10.6 "Readonly Replication of a
Volume". This is to make the root readonly. But the script createvol was
removed in version 5.0.0. What should I do: use createvol_rep (replicated
repair volumes), or omit the repair volumes, or leave the root read-write?

Beyond that, setting up the server has gone pretty smoothly, as this kind
of thing goes.

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