Coda File System

Re: Do I need hacked fsck?

From: Jan Harkes <>
Date: Sun, 12 May 2002 20:59:25 -0400
On Sun, May 12, 2002 at 04:20:20PM -0700, Jim Carter wrote:
> But in the manual section on setting up the server I found a
> showstopper:  Coda uses pre-existing filesystem formats for user data
> storage, e.g. UFS on Solaris, or on Linux, ext2 and presumably ext3,
> Reiserfs, etc. etc.  But it creates files that are not in any directory,
> and fsck for the respective filesystem formats has to be modified to
> ignore that (only for the Coda filesystems), and the modified fsck is
> not provided.

What? Where did you get this from?

We create regular files in a normal filesystems. Normal fsck works just
fine. The only thing is that these files only contain data (that's why
we call them container files). The actual exported namespace is stored
in recoverable virtual memory by the server.

So the container files have pretty undescriptive names like,


Which might contain the data for /coda/usr/jaharkes/coda-5.3.19/

> nothing seems to break.  This isn't the module mentioned as being
> changed for 5.3.19 for better devfs support, which I couldn't find.

It's the userspace side of devfs support that was being worked on, venus
now automatically tries several possible paths to check for the kernel
module /dev/cfs0, /dev/coda/0, etc.

> I assume that illegal warez deposited by script kiddies with the Coda
> Windows client are purged promptly.  Here's an idea, when quotas are

Ehh, if script kiddies actually manage to get the Windows 95 client
working reliably without getting a BSOD all the time, I'd like to know
how they do that. Granted, the Windows NT/2000 client is probably a lot
more stable by now.

> him with a quota too small for "Attack of the Clones".  It gets tossed
> after an hour or so.  Lacking quotas, it's probably sufficient to set up

I don't think the testserver has more than a few hundred MB available,
and it's running on a pretty old P90 on a half duplex 10base-T link. I'm
not really worrying about 'heavy abuse' all that much. Anything out of
the ordinary will show up in the stats.

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