Coda File System

Re: can't create volume? Start client?

From: Nic Ferrier <>
Date: 05 May 2002 09:20:31 +0000
Jan Harkes <> writes:

> > When I try to login I get an error: 
> >  
> >    Invalid login (RPC2_NOBINDING (F)). 
> This is unrelated to venus not yet running, you also seem to be not 
> running the auth2 daemon that handles authentication requests. And 
> probably are also missing rpc2portmap, updateclnt and updatesrv. 
> Try something like /etc/init.d/auth2.init start, and 
> /etc/init.d/update.init start. 

No, I did check that before I mailed.

I definitely have the daemons running. I also have the right user, I
checked it with the pdbtool.

Is there anything I can do to debug further?

Received on 2002-05-05 05:21:35