Coda File System

server upgrades [was: a question: volume and SG properties]

From: Ivan Popov <>
Date: Tue, 22 Jan 2002 21:37:44 +0100 (MET)
[Thanks Jan for the explanation of what is and what isn't possible with
current VSG implementation!]

> > around for being able to make safe server upgrades, both hard- and
> > software. How do you solve it??

> that would take more than 10/15 minutes we typically try to deal with it
> in the evening. Although the other day we ran our triply replicated
> group with only 2 servers for about two full days before finally fixing
> a problem.

I could take the whole system down if it would become necessary for a
massive upgrade or alike. I thought about a different thing -
compatibility between software releases and my existing data and metadata
in rvm.

> take over from a production machine. It's just a matter of changing the
> ip-address/hostname, rebooting, re-creating volume replicas that were on
> the original production server and resolving.

Well, then there are two things I am missing:
 - to have all data replicated (still does not work for me, I am
already thinking about moving the whole setup to another subnet to get rid
of 0-s :) not really, I'd like to rather solve it in the right way
 - to be sure that the old servers (those you leave up-and-running) will
be able to talk to the upgraded one?

While the first problem is probably just an irritating bug, the second one
should have forced you to do something else sometimes - not all coda
releases were compatible with each other (protocol and packet format), I

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