Coda File System

Re: Replication problem revisited

From: Jeremy Malcolm <>
Date: Thu, 15 Nov 2001 23:50:05 +0800
> Nice, that's a message that I think Shafeeq added, and this should lead
> us pretty closely to the real cause of the problems.
> So the problem is either an incomplete version of /vice/db/servers on
> this machine, or a hostname lookup failure at the time the server is
> started.

Both servers have a complete version of the file, but this was not so
when I started the server because (following my interpretation of the
instructions in the HOWTO and User Manual) I edited /vice/db/servers and
/vice/db/VSGDB *after* the SCM server was already up and running.  I
have now reinstalled again and edited those files *before* starting the
SCM server (I think the documentation should be changed to make this
clear), and that seems to have fixed at least the crashing problem for
now.  However now I am reliably getting "Connection timed out" once
again when trying to read or write files to the mountpoints on either
server.  No obvious errors accompany the timeouts in any log files. 
Where to from here? :-)

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