Coda File System

Re: coda funding

From: Jeremy Malcolm <>
Date: Tue, 13 Nov 2001 08:07:51 +0800
> > 7. GUI (eg. GTK) interface to resolve reintegration conflicts, a la
> >    Win2K.  "The file X was changed on your computer (date Y, size Z)
> >    and on the server (date A, size B) while you were offline.  Choose an
> >    option: [ ] overwrite server [ ] overwrite client [ ] keep both".
> Wow, since when does Win2K have reintegration conflicts??

You know, Win2K allows transparent disconnected operation where you can
set up your computer so that it can "see" all network drives when
disconnected from the network.  When you reconnect, it synchronises with
the network, and if it finds something has changed on both sides it pops
up a friendly box and asks you what you want to do about it.  That is
really what I am using coda for, because I want to be able to do with
the laptops at work under Linux what I can do with Win2K.

> Right. I'm not sure whether it is a bug in Coda at all.
> Perhaps the combination of actual useable logging of 5.3.17 and the new
> /usr/bin/getvolinfo program that basically only does a ViceGetVolumeInfo
> calls and pretty prints all the (non)sense the server is sending back as
> a result might help us find it this time.

Mmm, true.  I haven't had a chance to upgrade to 5.3.17 yet but intend
to do so as soon as I have a free moment.  I notice the debs are up now.

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