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Re: coda funding

From: Phil Nelson <>
Date: Tue, 13 Nov 2001 09:10:32 -0800 (PST)
>> > 3. Create a working client solution (client, gateway, samba setup,
>> >    anything) for Win2k & similar
>I could tell you how far Phil got over the summer, but someone would
>have to kill you. In any case, we have some licensing issues to resolve
>before we can make any claims in this area.

I'll tell you how far I got over the summer!  And yes, there are some issues
that need to get worked on before the work becomes available .... but
here is what happened:

  I started with the work done by Peter Braam a couple of years ago and
in the last two summers have produced a working kernel module for Win2k
and NT.  I have verified both versions.  There are still a couple of known
bugs and some reported problems I have not been able to duplicate.  (It
is currently know to have problems with VC++ 6.0.)  It has been working well
with the Office suite.

  To give you a summary of some of the features:

  a) It requires cygwin for venus.
  b) It does have a single .exe distribution that installs Coda.
	The distribution also includes a link to cygwin so you can
	install cygwin as part of the Coda installation.
  c) It uses a 3rd party File System Development Kit.  (This is where
	we are working on getting final distribution issues concluded.)
  d) It looks like a local disk in Explorer with the name "Coda".
  e) Under cygwin, coda is accessed like under UNIX(tm) ... /coda/....
  f) clog, cunlog, cfs, ... are all available under cygwin.
  g) venus can run as a service so venus can survive across login/logouts.

and finally ...

  h) It is labelled as ALPHA quality software!  

I hope it will become available for alpha distribution by sometime early

  Any questions?


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