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Re: coda funding

From: Floris Slotemaker _at_ 12Move <_at_>
Date: Fri, 09 Nov 2001 21:07:04 +0100
I know the initiators of Coda left to start a similar
project called "Intermezzo" ... it may be a good
thing to rejoin both parties to speed up development
and work towards some kind of standard.

Like HP does with many projects involving opensource,
companies who could profit from the use of Coda (or
future project combined with Intermezzo) should be
supportive in terms of funding the Coda project

I'm just a student,.. so atm I must pass to donate.

F. Slotemaker

At 11/9/01 at 20:56, Ivan Popov <> wrote:
>As I can see the situation, Coda is
>  - usable as it is now (that is great by itself!)
>  - just for a limited class of people (those ready to deal with problems
>    and limitations)
>It would be very interesting to get an estimation of the resources
>(person*month) needed for making Coda usable "in the wild":
>1. Make it robust (may be we are already there? :)
>2. Relax server file number limitation to say 500Gb of 10k-files
>    (even if by a cute configuration utility creating 10 servers at once?)
>3. Create a working client solution (client, gateway, samba setup,
>    anything) for Win2k & similar
>4. Introduce real encryption and make both the server and clients
>    basically resistant against spoofing, buffer overflows and other
>    evident types of attack
>5. Support (and may be -hint-hint- standardize) multiple mount points
>    like afs and dfs do, even if it would rely on dns-names only
>    (otherwise I see a potential problem with cell-name assignment)
>Well, if we would have a list how much it costs, it would be some chance
>to find some money. Probably volonteers to take the challenge of hacking,
>I am aware of at least one case when a university has offered a bigger
>license purchase in advance - to stimulate a commercial entity to port DFS
>to Linux.
>(Right now there is already at least one university - - that pays
>for Coda development, right? :)
>If I compare Coda to DFS for Linux (that does not seem to be available
>yet), there is a chance of finding interested parties - if it looks
>probable that in a few months the thing would be really usable - provided
>there are both people capable of working full time on it and resources to
>pay their living.
>Developers, have you an estimation of how many megadollars are needed for
>the above? (or hopefully some orders less? :)
>I have virtually no idea about how many persons are actively working
>on Coda, how much of your time is invested in it, whether you want to
>change the situation...
>Just an idea,
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