Coda File System

Re: Survey for Coda Visualization Project

From: Greg Troxel <>
Date: 27 Oct 2001 13:33:33 -0400
Very cool.  I have been thinking about doing this but not gotten
around to it.  Replying to list also on purpose.

Background: I've been running coda since late 1997 or early 1998, on
NetBSD and FreeBSD with 1 server.  I use the CVS version, and have
found a bunch of bugs (but been able to fix very few - thanks to Peter
and Jan for the fixes, mostly!).

1) multiple desktops, a laptop, and 'servers' - meaning ssh in xterm
   to remote machines.

2) gtk.  I could compile kde and fltk but would rather not.
  (I was going to use gtk.  I didn't even consider anything else.)

3) 1 main one (homdir), and a few others occasionally.
   Mostly I want to know strong/weak/disconnected and the number of
   outstanding CML entries.  Also whether any reintegration attempts
   have failed recently.  I was thinking of

   blue - connected
   green - write disconnected, no CML entries outstanding
   yellow - write disconnected, CML entries outstanding, no recent failures
   orange - WD, CML outstanding, some failure in configurable
	   interval (5 min?)
   red - disconnected and have been for a long time.

   mouse click should try to move up one level.  in red/orange, equiv
   to 'cfs cs'.  In yellow, equiv to 'cfs fr'.  Or make that
   left/middle.  Perhaps right pulls up a codacon with the recent
   history (not just starting from click, since when you look, it's
   because something bad already happened and you want to find out what.)
   Maybe also some way to do 'hoard walk'.

   Perhaps a mode to show the worst color over some set of watched
   volumes, and a way to edit the list and put volumes into/out of the
   'current set'.

4) perhaps, but this is less important.  Perhaps an indicator of how
   long to complete all requested stuff, or a 'busy light' like on a
   disk drive indicating a write/read is in progress.

5) What I really want is the color thing I mentioned as a gnome
   taskbar applet.  I would definitely use it.

6) Perhaps some notion of cache fullness, or connection bw.   To me,
   connection bw isn't that exciting, since I'm at work (on lan with
   server) and it's big, or at home and it is very small.

   It would be cool to teach gnome diskfree how to watch volumes and
   the cache, but perhaps that should be done by making them seem like
   virtual mounted filesystems.  This is hard, I think, compared to
   what I sketched above, and IMHO not nearly as useful.

I would be happy to requirements review, design review, alpha test,
etc., but I don't have much more time than that.    I hope my
suggestions are helpful, and I look forward to seeing what comes out
of this.

        Greg Troxel <>
Received on 2001-10-27 13:34:13