Coda File System

Survey for Coda Visualization Project

From: Thomas Valentino Crimi <>
Date: Thu, 25 Oct 2001 15:31:25 -0400 (EDT)
  As part of a class project we are developing a user tool for Coda to
present client status to the user in a cleaner manner than using Codacon
or doing cfs queries.  The project is aimed at users of handheld linux
systems, but will also be useful on laptops and desktops.  The result
will be a graphical utility, showing at-a-glance availability
information while minimized, and volume/server specific information when

  We are asking for current Coda users to help us in building a tool
which caters to the needs of it's users.  Please respond to with your answers:

1) Do you  run Coda on a desktop, laptop or handheld device(s)?

2) Which graphical toolkits are available on your platforms (FLTK, GTK,
KDE, other)

3) How many volumes do you tend to work with?  Do you normally stick to
a home volume, or interact with many volumes.  For how many of the
volumes would availablity(strong,weak,disconnected)/quota be important
for you?

4) Would you like to see the status of in-progress transfers?

5) Would you use a program which graphically displays the information above?

6) Any other information about coda you would like to see presented? 
Received on 2001-10-25 15:32:56