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RE: Setting up vice on RedHat 7.1

From: Jason Pratt <>
Date: Thu, 25 Oct 2001 11:55:01 -0400
i had to manually go through and install the appropriate libs to
satisify the dependencies. is really good at looking up rpms
that provide object files, and all of the required rpms are
(thankfully,) on the redhat cd's - just look for the redhat 7.1 entries
in the search results from rpmfind.

however, i gave up trying to install coda - i must have done something
wrong early on, because i had tremendous trouble get venus to connect,
manipulating mounted volumes ("permission deined" errors everywhere,
even after i clog'ed, etc.) plus, is there a kernal module for coda and
kernel 2.2?

anyway, good luck.


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From: Florian Schaefer []
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Subject: Setting up vice on RedHat 7.1


I'm currently trying to replace my old server through a new system with
RH7.1 (and kernel 2.2.19) as its core. Everything works fine except the
installation of the vice rpm's. They seem to have been build against
older libs. I tried a --nodeps install but after configuration, the
server won't start due to a wrong stdc.

What is the best method to get it working? I tried CVS, but the coda
configure script complains about a missing liblwp and the
lwp bails out with tons of errors. (I'm sorry not to have the exact
messages right now, but I could try to get them, if it helps.)

Can you help me? What additional information do you need?

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