Coda File System

Setting up vice on RedHat 7.1

From: Florian Schaefer <>
Date: Thu Oct 25 11:35:19 2001

I'm currently trying to replace my old server through a new system with
RH7.1 (and kernel 2.2.19) as its core. Everything works fine except the
installation of the vice rpm's. They seem to have been build against
older libs. I tried a --nodeps install but after configuration, the
server won't start due to a wrong stdc.

What is the best method to get it working? I tried CVS, but the coda
configure script complains about a missing liblwp and the of
lwp bails out with tons of errors. (I'm sorry not to have the exact
messages right now, but I could try to get them, if it helps.)

Can you help me? What additional information do you need?

Received on 2001-10-25 11:35:19