Coda File System


From: Michael J. Lanham <>
Date: Wed, 17 Oct 2001 16:11:40 -0400
Bottom Line Up Front (BLUF): Server is not starting and I get no error 
messages in the log files...

note: have reviewed HOW-TOs and searched google for troubleshooting CODA but 
cannot seem to resolve this myself...all help appreciated!

System Info: Pentium III 700 128 MB RAM RH 7.1 Linux, plenty-o-disk-space

1) uname output: Linux server 2.4.2-2 #1 Sun Apr 8 19:37:14 EDT 2001 i586
2) insmod coda output: Using /lib/modules/2.4.2-2/kernel/fs/coda/coda.o
3) lsmod coda output:
Module                  Size  Used by
coda                   50672   0  (unused)
4) installed binary 5.3.15 rpms (in order) lwp, rvm, rpc, coda-server, 
coda-client that I got from the coda ftp site in the US
5) Followed HOW-TO on setting up SCM server (vice-setup) USING files as the 
targets for rootvolume log, and coda volumes (NOT PARITIONS).  Used simple 
filenames, no paths
actual files are in /vice/db as  codalog (2M), codadata (22M)
6) got the vice-setup congrats message...
7) for auth2, rpc2portmap, and updatesrv received no errors/msgs
8) updateclnt -h myserver output: Creating /vice/spool
9) startserver give no mesgs, and NO entry exists in /vice/srv/SrvLog or SrvErr
10) no AuthLog, portmaplog, UpdateClntLog or UpdateLog exists...
11) have not tried to create the volume since codasrv not running... this server not running because I am using the coda module provided 
with RH 7.1 instead of the module on the website (coda-fs-module-k2.0.36cmufac_
5.3.5-1) which seems out of data anyway?

I would greatly appreciate pointers on where to troubleshoot next.

Mike Lanham

Michael Lanham
Captain, Infantry
United States Army

TA for CIS 4930/6930 Unix System Admin
Received on 2001-10-17 16:12:03