Coda File System

Re: Problems using coda, especially when rebooting

From: Jan Harkes <>
Date: Mon, 20 Aug 2001 08:14:59 -0400
On Mon, Aug 20, 2001 at 06:28:07AM +0000,  wrote:
> I can then create a volume in E0000104 and watch the logs to see it
> successfully created on both machines. 
> Then I `cd /coda' and `cfs mkmount hills coda.hills', and the logs
> once again show everything going well. Then I go `ls -la hills'. And
> then my machine times out.

So are those VRDB and VLDB files in /vice/db on both servers identical?

> (I come from a Windows background and still unfortunately have to
> support Windows machines). I reboot, then start up coda and venus on
> both machines, and try and access /coda. The error `cd: /coda: Device
> not configured' appears.

Venus probably comes up before the servers do and if it doesn't have
/coda cached or is unable to resolve the server names it will fail to
mount and do other weird stuff.

> I can supply logs if you need them, but does anybody have any idea why
> this would be happening? I know you usually need logs but I thought I'd
> ask before posting a thousand lines of logfile again.

I personnaly would be interesting in a raw tcpdump from the client
and/or servers for all traffic on ports codasrv and codasrv-se of that
'ls -la hills' and the machine timing out. I'm guessing it's a network
related problem, either hostname lookups, multihoming or some routing

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