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Re: worker::main Got a bogus opcode 3

From: Arnaud ASSAD <>
Date: Mon, 20 Aug 2001 08:59:28 +0200
>> I've search the list for this problem but couldn't find the answer,
>> 18:06:25 worker::main Got a bogus opcode 3
>> ls: .: Op?ration non support?e
>> I find it  also in /usr/coda/etc/console :
>> 18:06:25 worker::main Got a bogus opcode 3
>> and I find nothing related (based on timestamp) in /vice/srv/SrvLog
>> I've got my token and I'm the coda admin.
>> If it matters The server and the client are on the same box a linux
>> kernel.
>What version of Coda are you running? The upcall that it rejects is
>CODA_OPEN_BY_FD, which was introduced in the userspace daemon around
>the end of August of 2000, i.e. it was already included in Coda 5.3.9.

I use version 5.3.8 
(precisely rpm packages for mandrake : 

Although I use a Mandrake 8.0, the 2.4.5 kernel is not a Mandrake (which is
modified) one
but a linus-classic-kernel.

Even if i'm not 100% sure, I thought I had a NOT_REALLY_CODA
object in the /coda which leads me to think it worked (even if it was for
a short time...)
Is it possible I screw things by an unclean REinstall (delete /vice
and RElaunching vice-setup erasing the partitions...) :
I mean is there some pitfalls which could cause this, I should be aware of

What other info would you need ?

>The Linux kernel started using this 'new' upcall as of 2.4.4, which was
>released only a few months ago.

As my kernel is 2.4.5 and beccause of what is said above, culdwe assume
that it's not (only) kernel related  ?

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