Coda File System

assertion failed (bad thing)

From: <>
Date: Thu, 28 Jun 2001 18:33:32 -0500
i get this message whenever trying to start coda-client.  It worked "ok" yesterday.  soemthing wierd. I went in with repair, and couldn't repair a temporary file.  when i looked at the file, it was a directory, which had a link to local and remote copies of the file.  This was after i had quit repair.  when trying to load it again, it said that it didn't need repairing.

Today when i came to the computer, the client was down (and not mounted) and this was in the venus.err file.

16:56:51 starting VDB scan
16:56:51        2 volume replicas
16:56:51        1 replicated volumes
16:56:51        1 CML entries allocated
16:56:51        31 CML entries on free-list
16:56:51 starting FSDB scan (4166, 100000) (25, 75, 4)
16:56:51        62 cache files in table (26663 blocks)
16:56:51        4104 cache files on free-list
Assertion failed: vol->IsReplicated(), file "", line 1899
Sleeping forever.  You may use gdb to attach to process 672.

Is there a command to purge everything in the cache, including setup info, and start over again?  otherwize i'll do a uninstall-reinstall.

Received on 2001-06-28 18:11:27