Coda File System

what do these messages mean?

From: Brett Lymn <>
Date: Mon, 25 Jun 2001 21:10:11 +0930 (CST)
        I have coda running on my home server and connect up to it
with a client on my laptop.  I have configured my hoard database to
hoard everything on the coda server onto my laptop hard-disk as is my
wont.  For some time this worked well but now when I do a hoard walk I
get varying numbers of these messages:

        *** Not bound ***  /coda/working/basesrc/lib/libform/driver.ln
  *** Missing/Invalid *** /coda/working/basesrc/lib/libform/type_regex.o d+
  *** Missing/Invalid *** /coda/working/basesrc/lib/libform/ d+
        *** Not bound *** /coda/working/basesrc/lib/libform/.#form.h.1.3 d+
        *** Not bound *** /coda/working/basesrc/lib/libform/.#form.h.1.1 d+
  *** Missing/Invalid ***  /coda/working/basesrc/lib/libform/form.o d+
  *** Missing/Invalid *** /coda/working/basesrc/lib/libform/std_header.c d+
  *** Missing/Invalid *** /coda/working/basesrc/lib/libcurses/curses.h d+

If I make the connection strong (cfs strong) then I get lots of "not
bound" errors and no "missing/invalid" ones. A "cfs lv" on the volume

  Status of volume 0x7f000000 (2130706432) named "siren"
  Volume type is ReadWrite
  Connection State is Connected
  Minimum quota is 0, maximum quota is unlimited
  Current blocks used are 7131
  The partition has 17413658 blocks available out of 28795893
  Write-back is disabled

Why am I getting these messages? (I am using Coda 5.3.5 if it matters)

Brett Lymn, Computer Systems Administrator, BAE SYSTEMS
Received on 2001-06-25 07:39:13