Coda File System

write-back and new list of issues :)

From: <>
Date: Wed, 13 Jun 2001 20:09:47 -0500
Has write-back caching been finished?  this keeps happeing when i try to enable it:

i do-> cfs wbstart /coda
and get->
VIOC_BEGINWB: Resource temporarily unavailable
  return code : -1

And (drumroll)... here's my list of new issues.

issue #1
if i do a  -> cfs listvol /coda
i get -> operation not permitted
if i do a 2nd  -> cfs listvol /coda
i get the correct output (saying "connected" and stuff)

any ideas what causes this?  i can use my bash history easy, but i'm worried that it might be a symptom of a bigger problem, that i don't know about.

note: that the coda-client package does not remove cleanly when the --purge option is used.  the postrm script dies for some reason.  If the --purge option is not used, the postrm script works fine. i couldn't find what line breaks it.  not critical, since i don't need to remove the packages anymore.  it's workin now :)

The MD5 checksums fail on the current .deb files.  Most likely the Packages.gz file was generated on a differn't set of .deb files with the same name.  The Packages file contains checksums, to help prevent people malicious people tampering with the files, and to make shure it transfers ok over the network.  The checksums failing means that the packages won't install with "apt-get install coda-server".  I've solved this by setting up my own internal web server with a Packages.gz list, and a bunch of .deb files to use with apt, but my .deb files are a generation old.

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