Coda File System

VLDB & Re: codasrv: open_log failed RVM_EIO

From: <>
Date: Thu, 24 May 2001 13:58:51 -0500
I'm the guy with the same problem under debian, and this solution worked fine for me.  I believe that it looks in /vice, not /vice/db.  I now have a server that stays up.  To test it i tried moving my venus client from the testing "playground" to my own machine.  This caused "GetRootVolume: can't get volinfo for root volume (coda:root)!" problems.  I'm guessing it's cause the cache was initialized for the playground volume, but i switched it.  I'll try initializing the cache again, but where is venus-setup in the debian packages? it does not seem to be on my system.

Interestingly my server reports:
VLDBLookup:VLDB_size unset. Calling VCheckVLDB()
Vcheck VLDB:  could not open VLDB
VLDBLookup: No or bad vldb.

in it's logs which could also be the problem.


> > > everything seems fine until I try to start codasrv when I get 'open_log
> > > failed' with an RVM_EIO in the SysLog.  The log file is there and
> > > looks ok, however.  I've tried different setup parameters, file sizes etc
> > > - still the same error.
> > 
> > What is in /vice/srv.conf, are you using relative pathnames?
> as it happens, it was just this
> once I'd edited the file (which is /etc/coda/server.conf from those
> rpms) and put in absolute paths to the log and data files it works no
> problem.
> nice and simple!
Received on 2001-05-24 13:52:02