Coda File System

Announcing Coda 5.3.14

From: Jan Harkes <>
Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2001 17:07:41 -0400
Coda 5.3.14

There haven't been many significant changes over the past couple of
weeks, and I haven't had any unexpected problems lately. So here it
is, a new Coda release.

Source, rpms and debian packages are on FreeBSD
ports and NetBSD pkgsrc collections should get updated soon.

The most important changes are probably,

- Reintroduction of a Volume Storage Group in the Coda clients. This
  allows sharing of multirpc connections between volumes that are stored
  on the same set of servers. The resulting speed improvement is obvious
  when listing a directory with a lot of mountpoints for the first time.

- Refcounting for hdb_bindings/server entries/vsg's, a Coda client will
  not indefinitely try to probe connectivity to servers which don't host
  volumes that are not cached.

- Venus now re-randomizes the low end of the priority queue during
  hoardwalks to give all cached objects a fair chance of reclaimation.

- Several fixes for local-global repair.

- Patches for building on Mac OS X from Timothy Wood and Dirk Theisen.
  The config.guess/sub and libtool files haven't been updated, but
  running in the source trees on a MacOS achine should pull
  in the correct versions. I don't know what the status of the kernel
  module on Mac OS X is.

- Off by one bug in the RVM error reporting. This should get rid of some
  of the wild goose chases when people report RVM problems.

So the servers are functionally the same, as are LWP, RPC2 and RVM.
However if you want to build from source it is best to pick up the newer
versions because there are several fixes to the build process. Coda
clients will need to be reinitialized after upgrading, the VSG changes
have affected RVM layout.

Current versions:
    LWP   1.7
    RPC2  1.11
    RVM   1.4
    Coda  5.3.14

Received on 2001-04-19 17:08:00