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The ALINKA Linux Clustering Letter

From: Antoine Brenner <>
Date: Wed, 18 Apr 2001 18:04:07 +0200
Hello All,

Since one year now, the Alinka team has been writing
a weekly summary of the activity in mailing-lists 
relative to linux clustering (such as beowulf, linux
virtual server, linux-ha or journaling file systems) and 
general clustering news.

This "digest" is provided freely as a weekly email
from and is intended to give
a good overview of the linux clustering news for people
without enough time to read all about it.

As the ALINKA Linux Clustering Letter covers this 
mailing-list, and as many of you readers of this list
might not even know that the ALINKA Linux Clustering
Letter exists (We had an annoucement last year on the
mailing-lists, but we did not make any other posts),
I take the opportunity of the first birthday of the
ALINKA Linux Clustering Letter to tell you about it.

Here is a sample of the ALINKA Linux Clustering Letter.
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-----------The ALINKA Linux Clustering Letter-------------

The ALINKA Linux Clustering Letter, 

Wednesday, April the 11th. 2001
by Antoine Brenner (

Dear readers, I am happy to send you this week's edition of

This edition is the 52th since we started the Letter: this
is also first birthday of the ALINKA Linux Clustering Letter ! is a free weekly e-mail newsletter on linux 
clustering. It provides a summary of the weekly activity in
mailing-lists relative to linux clustering (such as beowulf, 
linux virtual server or linux-ha) and general clustering news.
For more information about ALINKA, see:

News from the High Performance world, by Dr Laurent Gatineau
Tips and tricks from the Beowulf mailing list
* Scott Shealy [m1] seeks comparaison  about P4 and Athlon. Some  CPUs
  benchmarks were given  [m3, m5], but as  Josh Fryman [m2] explain it
  without  a  good compiler benchmarks  could  be not  usefull. In the
  memory side, P4 have a good bandwith, see [m4, m6]

* There was a long  thread about what  tools to use for cloning nodes.
  Some  pointers were  given:   systemimager  [1],  lui  [2],   Scyld,
  kickstart from RedHat, Dolly [3], imgdisk [4], or just copy one hard
  drive on an other one... One can of course use Alinka Raisin [5] !
* Don Morton  [m1] was   looking  for information   about PBS  and PGI
  interactions. He answered  himself [m2]  and  gave a pointer to   an
  online documentation [1]

* J.W.Armstrong [m1] is looking for a parallel make for cluster.  Greg
  Lindahl  [m2]    warn  him because  compiles are     not  always CPU
  bounds. Dean  Carpenter  [m3]  gave  a  link  to ANTS [1]   (a  load
  balancing system).  Andreas  Boklund  [m4] gave results with  MPmake
  and Mosix.

* Javier  Iglesias [m1]  wants to build  a  cluster with two NICs  per
  node, one for administration and  one for computation. He is looking
  for advice.  Robert G.  Brown [m2] answered  that  on a cluster  two
  NICs could not help for some applications.  Peter H. Koenig [m3] and
  Dr O. Parchment [m4] gave two links two similar architecture [1,2].

* Wes  Wells [m1] is  looking for  an alternative  to NFS.  Rob Latham
  [m2]   gave  its opinion  about some   solutions.  Jag [m3] and Greg
  Lindahl [m4] wrote that AFS could have some limitations depending on
  what is needed.

News from the High Availability world, by Guillaume GIMENEZ
* Ard van Breemen said [m1] that drbd and PostgreSQL 7.1
will be made for eachother.

* Mike Debreceni advise us that PostgreSQL before 7.1 is
very slow with protocol C.

* Wensong Zhang announces [m4] ipvs release 0.2.9 for kernel 2.4
is available on LVS website [1].

* Mike keefe posted [m5] a performance evaluation of LVS.

News on the Filesystems front, by  Ludovic Ishiomin
* Clemens Hermann wanted to know if he could use Coda to do mail
Jan Harkes answered that Coda can give surprises on reintegration and
gave the URL of unisson [1] [2m].
* Steffen Neumann succeeded to build a prototype of a backup solution of
a Coda server, but had some concerns about large scale Backup [3m].
* Steffen Schaefer asked if it is possible to change the Venus timeout.
Jan Harles answered that it is possible but not adviseable because
of the protocol used by RPC2 [4m].
* Dermot Cassidy had problems to configure and run its
updateclnt/updatesrv daemon [5m].
* Steffen Neumann gave some tips about management of volumes on Coda and
ACLs [6m].
* Oliver had some configuration questions on how to setup a replicated
volume [7m]. Jan Harkes gave explanations about VSG and how it is 
used on clients and servers [8m].
* David Petterson had problems running procmail (can't read .procmailrc
in the home directory) [9m]. Jan Harkes described its configuration 
that runs without any problems [10m].
[5m] and
the followings.

* Anne Malicia had some questions about page cache management in GFS for
the 2.4 kernel [11m]. It appears she found a bug [12m].
* There was a thread about the implementation of flock() in GFS which
leaves the process in D-state (that increase the load of the machine)
[13m]. Eventually, Mike Tilstra modified the code so that only one 
process is in a D state [14m].
* Gil Shallom asked about Callback policy and pointed that it has a big
impact about performance [15m]. Ken Preslan detailed the one adopted
in GFS [16m].
* David Zafman detailed features of the in-kernel membership service
written by Compaq and announced that it should be released in Open 
Source [17m]. David Teigland enjoyed the announce [18m]. Jeff Darcy
was not convinced by in-kernel membership, and felt that it is better
to stay in user space [19m]. 
* There was a technical thread about integration of IBM DLM and GFS
[13m] and
the followings.
[20m] and
the followings.

* Vladimir Ivaschenko was not able to get to the b1_0_0 branch of the
cvs [21m].
Shirish Patak gave the tip [22m].

* Andreww Klaasseen wanted to know how close to production release is
JFS. Steve Best gave the plans [23m].
* James Lewis Nance reported the same problems he found with earlier
drop when building mozilla with the latest JFS drop [24m].

* Arthur Viak reported problems with vgcreate [25m]. Holger Grothe
asnwered that a kernel upgrade is needed [26m].
* Jonathan DeHaan upgraded from beta5 to beta6 and had problems with
[27m]. Andreas Dilger advices to use beta5 patch with beta5 tools [28m].
* There was a thread about the way to patch 2.2.19 with LVM [29m].
* Jorg de Jong announced lvmgui 0.3 [30m].
* Terje Kvernes announced the development of a LVM library in Perl
* Heinz Mauelshagen announced LVM 0.9.1beta7 [32m].
* Erik Bågfors was not able to remove a logical volume after using a
snapshot [33m]. Heinz Mauelshagen confirmed that it is an old bug
which is fixed in the latest version [34m].

* Brandy Dawkins asked if Oracle runs fine on XFS [35m]. Adam
Cioccarelli related its experience [36m] and Steve Lord added that
direct IO available with XFS should be a great interest to Oracle [37m].
* Stephen Adler reported its very good experience with XFS [38m].
* Ed McKenzie was unable to mount an XFS partition by label. After a bit
of investigation, he had the same problem with ext2 partition, and
concluded that the problem comes from mount and devfsd [39m].
* Ryo Ono wanted to partition a disk with XFS so that it would be
readable on both Irix and Linux [40m]. Nathan Scott recommended 
to use the fx utility on Irix [41m], because fdisk on Linux does 
not handle properly the SGI disklabel [42m], although the kernel 
recognizes themp properly [43m].
* Thomas Graichen asked if LVM snapshoting is planned for XFS. Steve
Lord answered that this feature is planned, bu there still a lot of 
work to stabilize XFS. He also announced that Peter Braam is working on
integrating snapfs and Intermezzo with XFS [44m].
* Lennert Buytenhek found a bug with XFS and named pipe [45m]. Steve
Lord confirmed it and hacked the cvs to correct it [46m].
* Doug wanted to know if CXFS (Clustered XFS filesystem) would be ported
to Linux. Steve Lord announced that a port is planned [47m].
* Justin Tripp reported a weird behavior on a NFS exported XFS
filesystem [48m].
Steve Lord confirmed the problem and sent a patch [49m] which resolved
the problem [50m]. Later Ajay Shekhawat reported a oops on its
NFS server exporting an XFS volume [51m].
* Kenneth Leung tried the new RedHat Wolverine ISO image with XFS
support provided by SGI (0.10 prerelease) and found a problem with 
automount [52m]. Russel Catalan confirmed this is a RedHat Wolverine
issue [53m].
* Petru Paler was unable to compile XFS on a sparc64 box. He had to add
a #include in a XFS file [54m]. Later he reported an oops during XFS
recovery [55m].


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