Coda File System

Re: question about megaservers

From: Jan Harkes <>
Date: Fri, 6 Apr 2001 15:36:38 -0400
On Thu, Apr 05, 2001 at 02:05:41PM -0700, Chris Jantzen wrote:
> Projects have recently arose that would fit well with CODA, except
> I don't know what the current state of affairs with so-called
> "megaservers" is. (The only FAQ entries referring these issues
> is from 98, and the mailing list archives don't seem to touch
> this directly, though perhaps I haven't looked hard enough.)
> One of the recent ChangeLogs suggested that it's possible to run
> in an RVM-less state? Would this allow volume sizes in the
> 100G-500G range? Failing that, what *are* the most stable /
> reasonable volume sizes (and biggest, of course) on a Linux platform
> right now?

Working without RVM is only possible for the Coda clients. In which case
there is no more 'persistent CML', so it has limited usefulness. The
most important use is probably handhelds that do not have much memory
and are using ram-based filesystems to avoid wearing out flash. In which
case storing the RVM data file in ramfs isn't any improvement over
simply storing the metadata in VM.

Besides, the real limit is in addressable memory space. So whether the
metadata is stored in RVM or VM doesn't really matter as soon as we hit
that hard limit somewhere between 2 and 4 GB.

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