Coda File System

Backup questions

From: Steffen Neumann <sneumann_at_TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>
Date: 05 Apr 2001 17:25:25 +0200

By now we have a prototype backup solution in place,
using the coda-provided scripts and tools and a 
standalone SCSI Tape.

Ideally we'd like to shove the workload to our
computing support group, who do backups using 
a Veritas NetBackup solution.

However, they're a little reluctant 
to move the volume files as full dumps 
(even if they're incrementals themselves), 
moving hundreds of MB to restore a small text file, 
in addition to the second stage of (me) mounting 
the volumes which is quite time consuming overall.
Our support group is (rightfully) concerned 
about scalability and managebility.

Apart from continuing the standalone system:

would it be feasable to use an afs-veritas client ?
Of course that depends on their implementation,
which I don't know about. 

Any other idea how to integrate coda 
with a large scale Backup? There has been someone 
who just tar'ed the stuff, alongside the ACLs.

The Amanda backup, as far as I got it, 
also lack file indexing. Things are a 
two-level theme, still. Is that correct ?

Any ideas appreciated,

Received on 2001-04-05 11:27:04