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Trying to use "qmail" on CODA? Read this

From: Andrea Cerrito <>
Date: Fri, 9 Mar 2001 22:09:13 +0100
Hi to all

I'm sending this mail to prevent nightmares to all users trying to use CODA
and qmail together.

qmail use a cool way to copy files between dirs (link() function) unallowed
on CodaFS. So, the first thing is to modify qmail, with qmail-coda.patch.

But if you are using Vpopmail too (, well
your nightmares aren't gone away: vpopmail (before 4.9.9, develop as the
time of this mail) uses the same function as qmail, so the problem will

You have two choices: (preferred) use the new version of vpopmail,
(deferred) use vpopmail-coda.patch
(note: the patch remove link() function and new vpopmail integrate a check
to see if hardlinks are allowed - if not, rename will be used: of course,
last choice is to be preferred).

I hope it helps and thanks to all people around making these great

1) Jan Harkes speaks about link() and coda =
2) Me and Ken Jones speaking about vdelivermail.c =
Cordiali saluti / Best regards
Andrea Cerrito
Net.Admin @ Centro MultiMediale di Terni SpA
P.zzale Bosco 3A
05100 Terni IT
Tel. 0744 / 5441330
Fax. 0744 / 5441372

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