Coda File System

Reintegration problem

From: Steffen Neumann <sneumann_at_TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>
Date: 05 Feb 2001 19:40:57 +0100

I am fiddling around with a problem I have.
The data in question is not vital, but I'd like
to understand what's going on before it *is* vital.

I have a volume that is write-only but connected,
after the client was disconnected and I *know* 
which files are in conflict. Volume state is:

	sneumann_at_Enceladus:/coda/vol/ai/share/laptop_liste > cfs lv .
	  Status of volume 0xffffffff (4294967295) named "A_Local_Fake_Volume"
	  Offline message is "This directory is made a fake volume because there is a conflict"
	  Volume type is ReadOnly
	  Connection State is Connected

The console shows me there is a conflict:
	19:28:55 Local inconsistent object at /coda/vol/ai/share/laptop_liste, please check!

Question: how to check ? The other tools deny the problem:
	sneumann_at_Enceladus:/coda/vol/ai/share/laptop_liste > cfs beginrepair .
	. isn't inconsistent

	repair > beginrepair .
	Could not allocate new repvol: Not leftmost conflict: Object not in conflict
	beginrepair failed.

I have a token, server is up.
The modified files show a 

	sneumann_at_Enceladus:/coda/vol/ai/share/laptop_liste > ls
	ls: Europa: Connection timed out
	ls: Mimas: Connection timed out
	ls: aipc1: Connection timed out

I can't even flush the files:

	sneumann_at_Enceladus:/coda/vol/ai/share/laptop_liste > cfs flushobject /coda/vol/ai/share/laptop_liste/*
        DANGER:   these files will be lost, if disconnected
        Do you really want to do this? [n] y
        Fools rush in where angels fear to tread ........
	  /coda/vol/ai/share/laptop_liste/Enceladus  Can't flush active file
	  /coda/vol/ai/share/laptop_liste/Europa    VIOCFLUSH: Connection timed out
	  /coda/vol/ai/share/laptop_liste/Mimas    VIOCFLUSH: Connection timed out
	  /coda/vol/ai/share/laptop_liste/aipc1    VIOCFLUSH: Connection timed out

File Enceladus has been created locally offline.
The other three changed on the server in the meantime.

All systems are running 5.3.12 on linux 2.2.16

Any clues, short of venus -init  ?
Received on 2001-02-05 13:41:18