Coda File System

Re: vice-setup-rvm

From: Phil Nelson <>
Date: Wed, 10 Jan 2001 11:02:28 -0800 (PST)
>I'm planning on dipping my toe into the coda waters with a file system
>of around 34 GB. Since this isn't one of the options supported by
>vice-setup-rvm I thought I would just hack the script by taking the
>3.3 GB option and just multiplying everything by 10.

Read the rvm setup scripts and you should see some entries for larger
servers.  I have a 34 GB disk that I broke up into two smaller servers
and ran multiple servers on the same machine.  The vice setup scripts
are written to set up multiple vice servers on the same machine.

The problems you will run into with large servers are:
  1) Address space for your RVM segment.  This usually depends on OS.
  2) Start-up time.  For large servers you should run with RVM
	using map-private mapping.  This has been used but is
	still labelled "experimental".
  3) Using multiple servers requires that you have IP Aliases so that
	each server has a different IP address.

I'm sure I missed mentioning a few things ... but these should be 
the big ones.

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