Coda File System

coda and mail queue and mailboxes

From: Kenneth Ingham <>
Date: Mon, 13 Nov 2000 09:11:15 -0700
I would like to have a replicated email server and coda seems like
a reasonable filesystem to use.  However, I have run into something
that seems like it should have been solved before; I must not be
seeing the solution.

Sendmail is running as root, and needs to create files in
/var/spool/mqueue for email enroute from here to there.  Similarly,
it needs to be able to write to users mailboxes in the mailbox dir
and the user also needs to be able to write to their mailbox.

In order to be able to write on a coda directory, a user needs a
coda token, obtained by clog (or the directory needs to be writable
by all, but this is an unacceptable solution).  How do I set it up
so that the sendmail process (or root) always has a token?  I could
do something silly like having a cron job run clog with the password
on the command line at 24 hour intervals, but this puts the password
too easily available and offends my sense of security.

The replicated mail servers would be coda servers as well, so this may
make things easier.

For mailboxes, I read in the mailing list archives a suggestion of one
mailbox per user.  This seems to me to be a maintenance nightmare, as
one target for this replicated mailserver is a site with over 500 users.

Kenneth Ingham
Received on 2000-11-13 11:15:47