Coda File System

RVMUTL dies with failed assertion during setup

From: Pascal Haakmat <>
Date: Sat, 14 Oct 2000 02:01:14 +0200

I am new to Coda and setting up networked file systems in general. I am
trying to set up a small Coda server to get a feel for things. So far I have
not been very successful.

I am running RedHat 6.2 with custom 2.2.14 kernel. Installation of the
5.3.10 RPM's and supporting libraries went smoothly. Using the RPM's,
however, I ran into trouble, because vice-setup-rvm could not find the
rvmutl program. I couldn't locate the rpm-tools RPM that I think is supposed
to contain rvmutl, so I compiled everything from source and tried again.

This time, rvmutl dies on a failed assertion. I haven't been able to get
past this problem. Following is an excerpt of what happens when I try to
initialize two non-existing files for use with RVM. I get the same error
when I use raw disk partitions, zero-size existing files, or existing files
filled with zeroes to the required size.

Are you ready to set up RVM? [yes/no] yes

What is your log partition? /tmp/rvmlog

The log size must be smaller than you log partition.  We
recommend not more than 30M log size, and 2M is a good choice.
What is your log size? (enter as e.g. '2M') 2M

What is your data partition (or file)? /tmp/rvmdata

The data size must be approx 4% of you server file space.  We
have templates for servers of approx: 500M, 1G, 2.2G, 3.3G, 8G
(you can store less, but not more on such servers).
The corresponding data sizes are  22M, 44M, 90M, 130M, 315M.
Pick one of the defaults, otherwise I will bail out

What is the size of you data partition (or file)
[22M, 44M, 90M, 130M, 200M, 315M]: 22M

WARNING: DATA and LOG partitions are about to be wiped.

--- log area: /tmp/rvmlog, size 2M.
--- data area: /tmp/rvmdata, size 22M.
Proceed, and wipe out old data? [y/n] y
rvmutl: rvm_io.c:300: write_dev: Assertion length != 0' failed.

(largely) RedHat 6.2, custom kernel 2.2.14 (with coda.o module)

Coda sources:
coda-5.3.10.tgz  lwp-1.5.tar.gz  rpc2-1.8.tar.gz  rvm-1.2.tar.gz

Any help would be much appreciated.

Received on 2000-10-13 20:16:07