Coda File System

update on coda interacting badly with emacs

From: Brett Lymn <>
Date: Tue, 22 Aug 2000 10:01:29 +0930 (CST)
        A couple of weeks ago I posted to the list about a problem I
was having on a NetBSD 1.5 machine running coda and emacs.  Emacs
would lock up when accessing files on the coda volume - perhaps not
right away (depending on what had happened to the file before) but
eventually it would.

After much debugging of emacs, tracing and head scratching I think I
have found out WHAT is happening but not WHY.  I think there is a race
between emacs' SIGIO handler and the event loop in emacs, coda seems to
introduce _just_ the wrong amount of delay to make emacs lose this
race.  My work around for the moment is to disable the SIGIO handling
by putting "#undef SIGIO" at the bottom of the emacs config.h file and
recompile emacs.  By doing this I have had emacs survive a couple of
train commutes hacking files on my coda volume so I think this is a
valid work around.

Just thought I would share this just in case someone else has the same
problem :-)

Brett Lymn, Computer Systems Administrator, BAE SYSTEMS
Received on 2000-08-21 20:51:34