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RE: Saw youre posting on the coda site about a web farm

From: Nicolas Huillard <>
Date: Fri, 16 Jun 2000 14:52:41 +0200
I post this message back to the list, because someone may have more 
interesting answers than me...

First of all, my setup is not yet completed... So you're more advanced than 
Second, I plan to install Postgres too, but don't really know how to handle 
Third, I'll only use Coda for mostly-read file systems (no POP/SMTP). Here, 
I consider FTP as a mostly read service, because there will be very low 
writing traffic, without any contention (onefile is uploaded to one server, 
I don't care which one, and the same file will never be uploaded once more 
on another server - I cross finger, but the application is done like that), 
and I hope Coda will handle it gently.

Raid : the Coda servers need to have a Raid array for storing files. Raid 
is not expensive and will reduce problems, ie. : don't rely only on Coda to 
solve every problem.

Postgres : I think one can't store the Postgres DB on a Coda FS. This won't 
help in any way, because only one instance of Postgres can use a DB 
directory (most data will be stored in memory, shared between Postgres 
processes serving the same DB instance). I plan to use a 
Raid-over-the-network filesystem to store Postgres DBs. This way, I will 
have a plain usable DB on another machine, if the Postgres instance holding 
the files stopped gently. The residing problem will be to stop Postgres 
gently, even if the whole machine crashes... That's a thread to submit to a 
Postgres mailing-list. How did you solve this ?

Nicolas Huillard

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De:	catls []
Date:	vendredi 16 juin 2000 13:46
Objet:	Saw youre posting on the coda site about a web farm

      I saw youre posting about a web farm and coda's performance on heavy
load and wanted to ask for youre advice.
I have setup load balancing(lvs and heartbeat in direct routing mode)for a
cluster of 10 machines running mosix and pvm.The machines are used for
web,ftp,pop and smtp.I want to install coda as a unified file system over
raid 5 and raid 1.Is this possible.?I have got one coda server and 2
clients working at the moment.After reading about coda on the mailing list
i am having doubts as to how stable coda will be.I expect to have huge
amounts of mail locking and web traffic.I also need to run postgresql
servers on coda.
My questions are
                  1)Can i run coda over raid 5 and 1?
                  2)Is there lots of data corruption
                  3)What problems have you faced with youre setup since
mine is similar to ures
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