Coda File System

directory searches in coda shared volumes and sizing questions

From: Dr. Douglas C. MacKenzie <>
Date: Thu, 15 Jun 2000 21:43:31 -0400
I've gotten coda loaded and running on my RedHat 6.2 machines.
I loaded the 5.3.7-1 binary rpms and everything is ticking along.

Now a couple questions.

I tried to load the java sdk  (jdk1_2_2-linux-i386.tar) from
the standard 1.2.2 sun distribution on to a coda shared volume.
With the jdk on a normal linux disk, everything works fine.
When I put it on a coda volume, javac can't find any of the jar
files.  I assume this is due to the different directory structure
I've seen mentioned impacting "find" commands.  I suspect
the java commands do something similar to a find to get the
list of available jar files, since you can specify wildcards.
 Are there any workarounds, or is coda just not compatible
with programs that scan directories?  That would be a stopper
for me, since I am thinking of using it on a large java
development project.

How big of coda partitions are people using?
I set up a 1.1Gig data partition,  44Meg rvm partition,
and a 2Meg log partition and it seems to be working OK
on a 266 PII machine with 64Meg of memory and a
64Meg swap partition.

Unfortunately, 1 Gig doesn't go very far anymore so I'm
looking at the 3.3Gig setup.  Is it OK to allocate more
rvm data than the size of physical memory, as long as
real+swap < rvm or do I need to add more memory?

If I add a second server, are the data partion sizes additive,
or am I still limited to a 3.3Gig total coda filespace across
the cluster?  I'd like to get to around 10Gig total.


Received on 2000-06-15 21:46:34