Coda File System

windows 98 problem

From: <>
Date: Wed, 26 Apr 2000 12:02:41 +0430 (GMT+04:30)
Hello and thanks for the help so far.

My server is now running fine and I got no problem with the Linux client.

But I would like to see the windows 98 client work as well (or the part of it, which is working)

When I start windows 98 the venus.exe starts just fine (or I think so)

08:56:56 starting VSGDB scan
08:56:56 	0 vsg entries in table
08:56:56 	0 vsg entries on free-list
08:56:56 starting VDB scan
08:56:56 	1 vol entries in table (0 MLEs)
08:56:56 	0 vol entries on free-list (0 MLEs)
08:56:57 starting FSDB scan (1500, 150000) (25, 75, 4)
08:56:57 	0 cache files in table (0 blocks)
08:57:06 	1500 cache files on free-list
08:57:07 starting HDB scan
08:57:07 	0 hdb entries in table
08:57:07 	0 hdb entries on free-list
08:57:07 Initial LRDB allocation
08:57:07 Getting Root Volume information...
08:57:07 Mounting on N:
08:57:07 Mount OK
08:57:07 Venus starting...

The problem is when I want to access the drive N I get

  drive N is not accessible
  the server doesn’t got requested service

I then try to run cfs checkservers and get

Connecting servers .....
Path : / coda
These servers still down: localhost

Why is it trying to checkservers on localhost when it got the server IP address? It must be therefore I cant access the drive N or???

Can anyone please take a look at this.


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