Coda File System

volutil restore

From: Dr A V Le Blanc <>
Date: Mon, 3 Apr 2000 11:32:46 +0100
Has anyone else had problems with volutil restore after upgrading
to coda-5.3.6?  Whenever I try it, whether I specify the volid
and name or not, the server codasrv dies.  Here is the SrvErr file:

     could not open key 2 file: No such file or directory

     Date: Mon 04/03/2000

     10:57:17 f_icreate: bitmap free at 0, inode 1 exists!

     Assertion failed: 0, file "ftreeifs.c", line 319

Also, how do you rename a restored volume to its original name?
or can you rename a volume?  There is a note in the man page
for volutil that there is a command 'volutil ancient'; does
this make the restored volume the real volume?  The manual in
the chapter 'Reinitializing Coda Servers after a Disaster'
is as obscure as can be; it says:

     Next create a directory /coda/tmp/restore and use the
     volutil restore to restore each of the backup clones
     to /coda/tmp/restore.

But I don't understand what the directory is for.  The restored
volumes also seem to get mounted in /coda/tmp/inited, since
it says later:

     Create a directory /coda/tmp/inited and mount all of the
     volumes created in XXX in this directory.

and again later:

     Use cfs rmmount to umount all of the volumes in /coda/tmp/restored
     and /coda/tmp/inited.

Does 'volutil restore' create a mount point?  Is it failing for me
because I am outside /coda when I run it?  The manual also refers
to a script restorevolumes(8), which no longer seems to exist.

     -- Owen
Received on 2000-04-03 06:33:44