Coda File System

Re: problem with rdsinit

From: Shafeeq Sinnamohideen <>
Date: Thu, 30 Mar 2000 13:16:16 -0500 (EST)
On Thu, 30 Mar 2000, Jens Thiele wrote:
> all compiles fine
> but vice-setup reports an error.
> The error is reported by rdsinit (started from vice-setup-rvm started
> from vice-setup).
> relevant output from vice-setup-rvm (I added the Calling line):
> Rdsinit will initialize data and log.
> This takes a while.
> Calling rdsinit -f /var/log/codalog /var/log/codadata 23068672
> 0x20000000 0x1200000 0x100000 80 32
> rvm_initialize succeeded.
> Going to initialize data file to zero, could take awhile.
> done.
> ?  ERROR: rds_zap_heap RVM_EOFFSET.
> Now I read in the mailinglist that this perhaps happens with low memory
> => i tried another machine
> (The same software configuration but much more memory) but the same
> error occured.
> btw i tried it verry often ;-) and even a reboot didn't help ;-))

  The problem isn't necessarily low memory, instead that RVM tries to map
its data segment at address 0x20000000 and fails because something else
(like a shared library) starts less than 22mb above that address. Since
RVM is not smart enough to find a free address range by itself, you have
to pick one for it. 0x50000000 is the default in vice-setup-rvm for other
OSs, it might be  a good one to try first. If not, you can examine a few
of the /proc/<pid>/map as described a few posts earlier. 

Good luck
Received on 2000-03-30 13:30:29